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The artist working in Studio KIKO is Kitty Korver. She was born in 1969 in De Bilt, The Netherlands and since 2005 living in Nagele (province Flevoland). Her training in the art includes, among others, a stay at the Vrije Academie in The Hague.

Since 2010 Kitty Korver makes concave felt wallobjects (with a beautiful wooden support- and suspensionsystem, also "foot ring"). Her objects often have a graphic character. Before this, she made ceramic objects for years and with both disciplines she exhibited in galleries throughout the Netherlands and in Poland and Germany. A sleek design and unconventional methods connect the two disciplines and periods. The emphasis in ceramics often was on ratio and applied design, now, in the textile the work is enriched with a more personal content.


Kitty Korver met viltschaal

Kitty Korver with one of her felt objects.


Common features of the felt objects:

-The theme of "vulnerability and strength"
The concave shape gives protection and security in this often sensitive content. The felt gives the softness and warmth. The design of the contents of the bowl on the other hand is almost always very strong willed.

-The often graphic and aesthetic character.

-Unusual techniques in felt such as relief carved images, carefully arranged woolfluffs, the molds obtained tight shell shape.

The hardened shell, made of solid, self-made felt, with wooden beams visible at the back as a starting point.

She is a member of BEEKk, Steekplus, Viltcontact and earlier of the Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten, GSA and Kunstliefde.

Between 2001 and 2008 she was engaged in designing and making ceramics. The most honorable achievement of her ceramics past is winning the NVK- Prize 2007 with the "mini-safe".